How It Works

You contact us, either via phone, email, or social media to discuss your Electric Vehicle charging requirements.

Organise your FREE quotation - Together we arrange a quotation appointment on a time and date that suits you.


Site attendance - A Blue Electric team member will now complete an assessment of your properties layout and existing electrical installation. This information will allow us to decide the ideal location, size and type of charger to suit your vehicle and home.    


Detailed costs - A detailed quotation will be supplied showing a breakdown of all costs included in the installation of your charger. 

Government Grant Contributions - Where applicable, Blue Electric will apply for and receive the government grant contribution of up to £350 on behalf of you the customer. Doing this allows us to pass on this discount straight away and saves you the hassle of completing the application. 

Installation - Now it's time for one of our expert EV installers to complete your charger installation. On average this installation should take up to 4 hours but installation times can vary. 

Testing & Commissioning - All the newly installed electrical equipment will be fully tested and inspected, ensuring all aspects of the installations conform to current regulations and is safe for use. NICEIC Certification will be provided upon completion. 

How to use your charger - Our expert installers will provide you with the information required to safely use your new charger, how to share or stop others from using it and answer any other queries you may have.

Final Payment - Once you are satisfied with your new EV charger, you will receive your invoice ready for payment, this invoice will reflect the original transparent costs quoted for prior to installation, which means no hidden costs or fees!