Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicles (EVs) are set to make up more than half of global car sales by 2040 and completely dominate the bus market according to new research.

A recent study found that electric vehicles cost less than half as much to operate when compared to petrol/diesel vehicles, a nice saving indeed!


The UK government are continuing to provide financial grants as an incentive to all consumers looking to install EV charging points, Blue Electric are OLEV registered allowing us to assist all of our clients with the entire process.


Blue Electric are heavily invested in installing EV charging points for both domestic properties and commercial businesses and are an approved ROLEC EV charging point installer.

Solar Panels on Roof


By installing solar panels you are able to generate your own electricity, this means that you will be using less energy from your utility supplier and will immediately translate to savings on your energy bill. Many homes manage to reduce their electricity spend by as much as 40-50%.


You could also use your free solar energy to power an electric car which will simultaneously further reduce your carbon emissions and save you money on fuel costs. As solar panel benefits go, that’s a pretty big one!

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LED Lighting

LED lighting is a great way to create a stylish and modern look in any room in the home,  and also saves you money on your energy bill!

There are various different designs and lighting colour options available with LED lighting and its more affordable than ever to upgrade.

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